Albums of Purgatory interview Forgive-Me-Not


Firstly, whats the band up to right now?
At the moment we are working at our fourth album. We are planning to record it this summer. Hopefully everything will work out.

How would you describe the Forgive-Me-Not sound?
Well, of course, it differs from album to album. But it¦s mainly guitar music, with bright vocal parts and keyboard padding, it's moderatly heavy, close to gothic metal.

How did you get involved with the band?
The guys first invited me for an audition as a back vocalist. But my voice wasn't exactly what they were looking for. It turned out though that they needed a keyboard player. And so I gave it a try, and I never felt sorry for that.

Can you remember your first gig (how did it go)?
My first gig with the band was at an open stage in our town. So there were pretty many people, especially, taking into consideration that I never played anywhere before.+. So, naturally, I was nervous. But the guys were really nice to me. And everything went nearly perfect. The sound was OK. The audience was happy and were we : )

Are you involved in any other projects and if so how do they compare to Forgive-Me-Not?
No, I am not. But some of Forgive-me-not musicians play in other bands. Mostly rock misic.

What are your favourite Forgive-Me-Not tracks?
Neverland, A Sudden Smile, The Dying Star Pilot, The Way of Rose+. But it's really difficult to choose+. I really love most of our songs.

What are your favourite all time songs?
Too many of them+ I¦ll just name three then: Animals (The House of Rising Sun¦, Ozzy Osbourne (I Just Want You¦,
Queen (Don¦t Stop Me Now¦

What the first record you ever bought?
I think it was Beatles (Taste of Honey¦. I was 11 I think.

Which album was it that got you into metal and can you explain why?
I think that it not right to say that some album makes you start listening to a different music style. Usually it¦s your environment. The circle of my communication changed+ my friends company changed. But talking about concrete album... the first really bright impression from metal music I got after I listened to Amorphis (Elegy¦.

Whats the last album you purchased and what did you think of it?
It was Dark Tranquility (Damage Done¦. And after I listened to it my respect for the band and admiration with their talent only grew deeper. I kept listening to it non-stop for three weeks. My usual period of (admiration¦ is 5 days : )

What would be your dream band line-up?
I really don¦t know+ I¦d like to play with HIM and with Katatonia and with Moonspell and with Evereve+ Too many great bands+

If you could do a cover for a tribute album to any band, which song of which band would you pick and why?
It would¦ve been Queen (March of the Black Queen¦. Cuz Queen used to be my favourite band when I was a kid+ and it¦s like first love. You never quite forget it.

What do you think of the position of metal and music in general today?
I really don¦t like MTV politics nowadays. I don¦t really know about Europe, hopefully, situation it better there. But here, in Russia, the majority of peple listen to what they see on MTV. And so the only (metal¦ music they know is HIM and Rammstein. Instead melodious live compositions they dumbly listen to RAP and Cristina Aguilera. But I really hope the situation will change.

Which other bands stand out for you at the moment?
As I already said, there are too many talanted bands, I¦ll mention just three more Lake of Teers, Crematory, In Flames.

Do you have any funny stories about the band you can share with us?
One of our last concerts took place in a mall, on a stage under some palms. And during the perfomance some little kids were trying to (dance¦ : ) in the rhythn. That was the funniest and weirdest concert in my life+

and finally, what do you see in the future for Forgive-Me-Not?
I don¦t want to scare luck away with my predictions. But I do hope that there¦ll be more albums, more gigs and more fans in future.

Thanks again for the interview and good luck for the future.
You are welcome. Good luck to you and all metal fans.