Albums of Purgatory interview Bride's Dale Thompson


Firstly, whats the band up to right now?

DALE: Bride is preparing for a European and Brazil tour in July then we
return home for a U.S. tour and then begin working on a new CD.

How would you describe the Bride sound?

DALE: We are just a hard rock band that experiments from time to time
outside the box of traditional rock.

How did you get involved with the band?

DALE: I had played in local bands around Louisville KY for a couple of years
and it became apparent that the only person I could work for was me. So my
brother Try and I formed Bride and we wrote and recorded what we wanted.

Can you remember your first gig (how did it go)?

DALE: No not really but in the early days we were much more theatrical and
thrash sounding. We were into the shock value and over time stopped the
shock gimmick and started writing better songs.

Are you involved in any other projects and if so how do they compare to

DALE: No at the moment Bride is the main focus.

What are your favourite Bride tracks?

DALE: I judge a song by how much fun it is to play live. Would you die for
me and Under the Influence come to mind instantly and then Revolution from
the new CD This is it.

What are your favourite all time songs?

DALE: That is a hard one. I like material off the new Johnny Cash CD. I am
not big into listening to rock albums but I like certain songs. There are
not too many perfect CD's these days like in the old days. I grew up
listening to everything from Pink Floyd to Dio and those guys recorded CD's
that you could listen through all at once. The modern rock bands will have
two or three brilliant songs then all of the other tracks are throw a ways.
When I work out or box I always put in Rage Against the Machine for the
adrenaline rush.

What the first record you ever bought?

DALE: I think it was a Bob Seager or a Kansas record.

Which album was it that got you into metal and can you explain why?

DALE: Kerry Livgren "Seeds of Change" I heard Dio singing Mask of the Great
Deceiver and To live for the King and I said "I want to sound like that guy"
He had the golden pipes for sure.

Whats the last album you purchased and what did you think of it?

DALE: I bought David Bowie's "Reality" which is a great disc, I am a Bowie
fan, and I bought the Incubus "A crow left of the murder" because someone
recommended that maybe Bride could pick up some modern influences from that CD.

What would be your dream band line-up?

DALE: I have it now with Bride. If I didn't I would go out and get the
players I wanted. But if you're asking outside of that, no one sings like
Chris Cornell, and I would add Mike Patton's genius, the drummer from Blink,
Flea, and any good guitarist would do because Cornell would tell him what to

If you could do a cover for a tribute album to any band, which song of which
band would you pick and why?

DALE: REM "Everybody Hurts" I know it is a weird pick but that song from day
one is haunting.

What do you think of the position of metal and music in general today?

DALE: I don't know, I am from a different mindset than a lot of what is
going on today. You must remember I came from the school of W.A.S.P. Iron
maiden, and bands like that. It was a different vibe altogether. But bands
today are writing great hooks. Bands like Disturbed,  Audio Slave are
writing really good songs. It is hard for a guy like me to switch gears and
change completely and I guess the Bride fans are not interested in me
changing so we'll just keep writing that groove oriented guitar hook power
vocal tunes.

Which other bands stand out for you at the moment?

DALE: Even though I am not into rap Kid Rock stands out because if I were in
my 20's still I think he would have an influence on my musical direction.
You know I like a lot of the sounds of the groups of this era. When the 80's
were around everything was about relationships, boy gets the girl. Today
there is a more social message coming from a lot of these groups. Now don't
get me wrong, their songs won't drive the audience to the altar for
repentance but I would rather hear the aspects of social events being
brought to the forefront than the old messages of party to you drop.

Do you have any funny stories about the band you can share with us?

DALE: We were overseas playing in Europe our bass player had a broken collar
bone from a horse riding incidence. He was wearing a sling but never missed
a note. We were rocking on stage and the crowd was so into the music that
they pushed the stage off its foundation causing the amps and drums to come
crashing down nearly missing my bassist bad arm.
Another funny story was while on tour with Stryper somewhere out west I had
an accident. Stryper had rolled two large road cases up next to the stage
and sat monitors on them. I guess they expected the crowd to push forward
and to hold the road case tightly together. Well, Bride was the opening band
and the crowd was not familiar with us so they stood back with their arms
folded just taking it all in and absorbing the sound. I stepped out onto one
of the road cases which I did not know at the time were on wheels. It
separated from the second one and I took a five foot fall to the floor never
missing a scream. I held onto the mic stand all the way to the bottom and
the impact bent the brand new mic stand into a "U" shape.

and finally, what do you see in the future for Bride?

DALE: The future for Bride is to get on the road. My personal desire is to
draw closer to God so that I can represent Christ to all men. I am not going
to preach to nobody but I want to have that nature and character of God so I
can be a rocker with a quality of life that others are interested in.

Thank you for taking time to send me these questions and I apologize for the
delay in getting them answered. I had three sons down with a stomach virus
for a couple of weeks. But we're good now.
Also I am getting a CD out to you on Monday.