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I have Finally updated my pages, well most of them anyways, And the most overhauling has happened here, in the In Nomine pages.
I have written so much stuff for it and now i get to put it all online.

Over the next few days i will add even more stuff here including links to great In Nomine sites online, so check back in a few days time to see whats happned.

Nick is letting me use his site for all of my stuff, its mixed in with his.

I have sorted it all out in to links, so please look around, and if you feel the need, look on nicks main site as well for all kinds of other stuff.

Here you will find soemthing very special indeed. Golems. For In Nomine. They was created by me and put on to an e list i run, and they was taken very very well indeed. They was created because the current golem/created rules just plain suck. Also this sheds light on the many types of golem, including the evil gargoyles and the mythic Dreadnaughts.
Take a look, you will not be sorry.

Here you will find superiors that I or Nick have wrote.

Here you will find many stories.

Here you will find attunements.

Here you will find mini bands and choirs.

Here you will find plot seeds and adventure ideas.

Here you will find Npc's to torment your characters with.

Here you will find a lengthy discussion on the way shedites corrupt people, it may not be to everyones tastes however.

Here you will find a list of links to other folks In Nomine site, check them out.