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If you're not getting enough agitated violent gaming content on your home computer or console system, here's something you'll probably find of interest. The Wizardry (Limited Edition Special Pack) for is now fully playable in English.
I won't go into the horrible searing story of what was painfully endured to have this now available for download but I will make a brief mention that the patches total over 100k. For those who have a retarded gorilla understanding of math, lets just say this means a great amount of text insertion that was done and thousands of lines of assembly code which was modified. If that's not enough, I'll also continue by saying that all three have been totally and completely beta tested and mother approved, making this most likely the final patch which is perfect enough for commercial retail.

Here are some screenshots that just might make your penis impale the ceiling!

*Also included is an additional description of all 54 Priest and Mage spells*

Wizardry Patches and Maps (492k)