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Here's a cute, little simulation game that's beginning to show some signs of genuine promise. I'm inches away from having a full graphics patch, so the real work of getting a script dump and begin with the translation process should be happening within the near, immediate future. :o)

This is where the project stands so far:

Graphic editing: 29k - about 97% done
Table creation and insertion : Yeppers. :o)
Script dumping : Big goose egg - 0% done
Script translation : Dust farting poopsquat - 0% done

Basically, once I get the translated script finished, inserting it should take less than a day considering all that's left is a picture book story dialogue. After this simple insertion process, I should have a shiny, near perfect English version to this game. I'm thinking about three months at most to peddle this puppy out.

*Here are some screen shots to get you a little punchy until then*