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Goth to be Different

*~This page is dedicated to the subculture that reigns the night.

*~Goths are not pretentious, we are just souls trying to make something out of this "life". We do not all want to die, some of us just accept that death is only the beginning and it could quite possibly be the best part of life.

*~There is a saying that states that there's something to live for, but us Goths understand that there is something to die for also.

*~We do not think of GOTHIC as a fashion even though you can usually identify us by how we choose to dress (which is usually in dark colors such as black, purple, gray, or bloody red, for example.) And not all Goths wear black. It's also popular that some Goths have a fetish for fishnet stockings (among other things).

*~Goths are usually misunderstood to say the least. Some people call us "Freaks," "Dead," "Vampyres," "Weirdoes," "Satanists," "Poseurs," and other remarks. Night might be our favorite time of the entire day, but it doesn't mean that we think that we are dead or that sunlight will make us melt. We are people made of flesh and blood, we just desire the darker side of life more.

*~Vanity is important to many Gothic people also. We like to take pride in how we present ourselves to society. Pale faces, bloody red or black (and sometimes even white) lipstick, black eyeliner, and dark eye shadow are very commonly used and seen.

*~Goth isn't one thing in particular. It is a combination of different elements. Goth CAN be (but is not always) in the way you present yourself, the way you feel about yourself and the people around you, the way you accept certain things that come to you in life, and the way that you deal with everything.

*~The way that you think is also important. Goths don't always think that the world is going to end or that they are going to die right this second. However, Goths do tend to have rather dark thoughts.

*~GOTHIC music is very...enchanting, but it's not the only type of music that we like to listen to. For example, ONE of the darkest albums that I have ever heard, is "ADORE" by (the now broken up) Smashing Pumpkins. Then, more recently "Sing The Sorrow" by AFI. Neither of these bands classify themselves as being a part of the Gothic culture, however it has not stopped them from making wonderful, dark music.

*~Modern Goth DID emerge from Punk, but not all Goths are still Punk. There are actually some "Goth-punks." Sometimes bands that are Punk will present themselves in a Gothic manner, versus a band that claims to have elements of "Goth".

*~There are "Weekend Gothers" that only dress Gothic on the weekends (hence the name).

~*~Embrace the night.~*~

*~Not all Goths are of the same religion. Just as anyone else, we believe in various things. Just because the movies and media like to portray all Goths as Satanists or Wiccans does not mean that every single one of us are just that.

*~There is not one type of Goth. Not every Goth is depressed; there are "happy-Goths" which are sometimes called "Githies" (which is a Goth-hippie.) There are however, some depressed Goths which are sometimes referred to as "mopey-Goths" or "normal-Goths." There are "Industrial Goths," that dress industrial-like (which is relatively self-explanatory).

*~Just because someone is Gothic, that doesn't mean that they won't smile or laugh. Goths are very well known for making sarcastic jokes. Sometimes us GOTHS can be the most humorous type of people.

*~Some people confuse Glam with Goth. Glam and Goth are two different things (even though there are some people who are "Glam Goths" also referred to as "Glitter-Goths"). Glam is actually more of a style or an attitude, while Gothic is different things.

*~If there is one thing you should be in life, be yourself. Have pride...

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(Page last revamped: April 22, 2006)

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