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what we're talking about:


shades of bela

Tortured, black and deathly cold
the makings of immortal souls
reaching, scraping, wanting more
Shades of Bela, blue and black
a twisting tale, the vampyre's attack
weaving serenity in abstract
as the past demands us looking back
what lies ahead is only dreamed
what lies behind, those dreadful things
that creep and whisper in our ear
the deeds we've done that hold us near
and nearer to the truth we crawl
a passing glance, flies on the wall
and Shades of Bela, blue and black
remind us there's no going back
so charge ahead, you Blackened Birds
and fight the tides that twist and twirl
and wash you further from the shore,
and speak your name forever more
calling, haunting, begging, meek
Shades of Bela on my cheek.
obsession lies in bleeding hands
that cannot grasp or understand
and i obsessed in listless glow
seek to hope and hope to know
that Shades of Bela, blue and black
do not blind or cause me lack
and i can see through a fuzzy gaze
the many ways i count the days
between here and now and now and then,
and longing to being again
and Shades of Bela, truth be told
of a blue and blackened, tortured soul.



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