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Blue Toyota Hi-lux wrecker/ Hoist

I made this to give my Silver Skids a partner from the giftset. He is made from a blue Trailbreaker and Hoist parts. The only thing painted is his head.

Yellow Ferrari BB/ Overdrive

I did this custom as shown in the Diaclone catalog. This was an unproduced color scheme.


Everybody has been coming out with their own version of the blue Bluestreak, most of which emulate the Diaclone as much as possible. I happen to hate the silver hood though, so a couple years ago when I made this, I decided to make him all metallic blue. Notice the rear license plate, NEW YORK [TURBO 1]. He also has a sticker kit from Deltastar.


The body of Cerebros, the head of Grotusque, Recoil the TM gun, & a gold Lazer Optimus sword as the Key to Iacon, which outfits this guy with one of the most impressive arsenals in the galaxy. He has a custom sticker kit from Deltastar.


Here is another Decepticon defector.I used a japanese exclusive Headmaster warrior Loafer that I got from my pal Peter, and a G2 hero Prime gun that I got from Joebot. He also has Autobot stickers on his shoulder that I got from a Deltastar sticker kit.

Hot Rod, with shoulder articulation


This non-invasive custom started out as a Targetmaster Hot Rod. I replaced his shoulders with RiD Spystreak shoulders. Spystreak was junk before but now he is trashed. He can position his arms up, down, to the sides, at angles, even: ASSUME THE POSITION! He has a Punch Twin Mortar Launcher. He has a Deltastar sticker kit.


This repaint was inspired by the prototype shown in the UK catalogs. I think straight-up red looks much better on him. The gun is a repainted Skyhammer gun. I use Skyfall as a Predator who defected over to Star Sabres Autobots.

G2 Huey gunship Blades

I did this custom in the Generation 2 vein. He has gatling guns from an ID4 F/A-18 fighter. They are positionable in Huey mode or robot mode.

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