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Cat Chaser Conspiracy
Double CD

Now for a limited time only, two CD are available together. Wetter is Better and A Little Taste of Pussy-More to Cum were recorded at their studio, The Crypt in Tacoma WA, on New Years Eve of 1998. These two albums were released seperately. Now for the first time they are released as one CD. One hundred signed and numbered CD's are now available.
$Canadian 19
For other countries add $US4 for postage

Money orders only to:
J. Kaufman
Suite 135
117 Lakeshore Rd. E.
Mississauga, ON
L5G 4T6
A Little Tast of Pussy - More to Cum
1- I Put A Spell On You*
2- Bloodlust**
3- Welcome To Hell**
4- Bump In The Nite**

Wetter is Better
5- I Put a Spell On You (To Make You Wet)*
6- Eris*
7- Standards**
8- Wetter Is Better (Feminine Anarchy)*
9- Numbers*.
10- Wetty Gurlz Rule**.
11- Emotional Pee**
12- Janey***

*Recorded Live at the Crypt in Tacoma WA..
Adam on lead guitar, Moppet on rhythm and vocals..
**Recorded live at a club in Seattle. Moppet on vocals, Adam on lead guitar, Angus on drums, Unholy on rhythm guitar and Nitemare on bass.

***Recorded at the Dinosaur in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1994 (Canadian tour). Cresta on vocals, Adam on bass, Kevin on guitar and Angus on drums. Re-recorded at The Crypt and produced by Moppet and Adam.
Copyright 1999-2001
Other releases are Bloodlust 1997-1999, Classic Pussy 1985-1995, Cat Chaser-Graveyard Gothic- the Vampyre Chronicles 1995, and of course Wetter is Better and A Little Taste of Pussy- More to Cum.