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Cat Chaser was founded in Seattle Wa, amid the Goth/Punk era in 1983. The band was founded by Fastcat and Cresta. Fastcat's hard driving straight ahead drumming technique, coupled with Black Bile's screaming guitar licks was enhanced and rounded out with Cresta's girlish bass playing and slutty vocals. Originally the band was hardcore Punk.

The Living Dead
Fastcat wanted a new sound so he drew from the Living Dead, the first Gothic band. The Living Dead was formed from a group of musicians from Niagara Falls NY and Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. These people were into the occult, magick, Edgar Allen Poe, feasting, Gothic Romance and wearing Medieval and Victorian clothing and acting in persona. Fastcat named the movement 'neo-Victorian Gothic'. This group of about 35 people wanted their own sub culture away from both the establishment and hippies. They were also anti-drug. Thus was born the Goth movement. The living Dead were Fastcat on drums, Raynae Elizabeth Barrington on vocals, harpsichord and organ, Ron Franklin on lead, John Paul on rhythm and Ziggy Jamaica Joe Steed on bass. Father O'Flynn, Bloodlust and Lady Jane were original Living Dead songs written by Fastcat and Raynae. The Living Dead split up when Raynae died.

Cat Chaser- WettyGurls rule! 1983-1988
Cat Chaser was just another Seattle Punk band in the early 80's. They played all the Punk and Goith underground clubs in the University and Pike Place market districts. It was not until a year after constant playing, did the band get their big break. They were playing a dingy Punk/Goth club called the Church when Cresta had to pee. They had just started the second set. She tried to tell Fastcat via the lyrics of the song. He and Black Bile just thought that Cresta was trying new lyrics. She wet herself on stage and the crowd went wild. Soon the band packed every club they played at because everyone wanted to see the WettyGurl. Cresta founded the WettyGurl movement and injected the wetting into the stage act. Many of the girls who attended CCC shows would and still do follow suit. CCC incorporated the WettyGurl theme into their stage act and now have about 8 WettyGurl songs.

Cat Chaser- Bloodlust and Crypts! 1988-1992
By 1988 the band had Become Goth/Punk, with the lyrics being dark Gothic, but the sound still Punk Rock. Bile had long since left the band. Fastcat was still on the Quest for the perfect sound. He wanted the Living Dead sound back so he hired his long time friend Reggie Leach to play his haunting Richie Blackmore style licks and ambient chords. Reggie lived in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and was an early Goth who was heavily influenced by Blackmore. Fastcat and Reg met their idol when Deep Purple played at the Forum on Barton st., in Hamilton in 1971. They dug out some old tapes of The Living Dead and started to become more Goth ambient, playing such LD songs as Father O'Flynn, Bloodlust and Lady Jane. They played The Underground(now called '123 Paradise') several times in Morgantown WVa in 1988-9. Reggie died on January 21, 1992.

Cat Chaser- Undead in the Crypt! 1992-1995
The band reformed in 1993 after mourning Reggie's death. Fastcat and Cresta moved to Hamilton where the Goth/Punk scene was growing. They rented a big house in Little Italy, terrifying the neighborhood with their following of no less than 10 to 50 Goth/Punks hanging out and jamming on any given day. Their manager Bradley Arnold found them a guitarist and bassist, being Jim and Adam. Cresta stopped playing bass. Jim left the band after a few months and Adam stayed on. They hired a young 15 year old kid by the name of Kevin who had only played for 3 months, but was a natural. The sound grew. Cat Chaser became the house band at the Dinosaur above Grapes and Things (now Buttinski's). They also took over a failed hole in the wall bar called Dee's Sports Bar and turned it into a Punk/Goth club. They were the house band for a while at Mr. Laff's when Blues went out of style. Fastcat started managing bands and booked 48 local punk bands at Dee's and other clubs in 1995. Kevin left the band in 1995 and was replaced by current guitarist Vampyre/Dark Lord. Soon Adam left the band and was replaced on bass by Asmodeus. Together this lineup was called Cat Chaser-Graveyard Gothic. Their first album, entitled The Vampyre Chronicles skyrocketed in Europe and especially Hamburg Germany, Their independent release, recorded live at the Crypt sold 5,000 copies. Cresta left the band in 1995.

Cat Chaser Conspiracy- The sound is found 1997-2000
Fastcat was faced with trying to find the right singer for the band. The remaining 3 players decided to take a break until a singer was found. In 1997 Fastcat found a street gurl by the name of Moppet. She was perfect, she had the right look, and the best female vocals he ever heard.She fit the criteria of being a Princess WettyGurl, Gorhic Princess, was interested in magick, the Holy Grail, Illuminati and all that the band was about. They went to NY to train Moppet's vocals in their recording studio. When she was trained they moved to Tacoma WA to get a new lineup and get back to the roots of the band's origin. From 1997-1999 they played live shows in Seattle, Portland and LA. But they could not find dedicated musicians who were not drug addicts. They hired musicians for their gigs. On New Year's Eve 1999 they held a Goth party at the Crypt and recorded the album entitled 'Cat Chaser Conspiracy- a Little Taste of Pussy (More to CUM). On this album is featured 2 songs written by Moppet, being 'Bump in The Nite' and 'Welcome to Hell'. They returned to the NY studio in April of 1999 to reunite with Dark Lord and Asmodeus and record an album. It was never finished, but the songs they did record have been included in the album entitled 'Cat Chaser Conspiracy- 'Bloodlust' 1997-1999.

Moppet was the purr-fect Cat Chaser Gurl. From her extreme beauty to her incredible vocals. She joined the band at age 14. Her voice has a remarkable range from dirty Punk to ambient Goth, she can bring tears to your eyes when you listen to 'Bloodlust'. Her voice is described as 'haunting'. Her voice is identical to Raynae's. Moppet is currently on a break from the band taking care of her son Reggie (named after Cat Chaser guitarist, Reggie Leach).

Founder of Cat Chaser-Conspiracy, he is one of the Original Goths. He joined the movement when he was a kid. Fastcat lives in Savannah Georgia. He is an accomplished drummer and guitarist and now switches these roles in the band. He is a published author of books on magick, witchcrafte, Satanism, Discordianism, Illuminati, the Vampyre Race and the Holy Grail. He has also developed and published a Live Action Role Playing Game. Fastcat makes Gothic/Victorian clothing, boots and shoes. He also makes coffins, binds blank books, makes daggers, does skeleton art and makes realistic looking mummified heads. His passion is working in the recording studio and playing guitar, and his Catttz.

Cat Chaser Conspiracy- 2000
CCC is a large family. We have several studio musicians and have our own recording studio, a videographer and a famous manager/agent in California. Currently we are issuing 5 albums. The band is ready for a new lineup.We are not concerned about your sex or age, just have an interest in the things which the band is about and be Gothic!. Talent is required, but expertise is not. We can train you, if you are dedicated. Of utmost importance is a permanent female singer. Cat Chaser Conspiracy is much like a Broadway production, each member has a certain persona, so acting ability is a good asset. Moppet will be a hard act to follow and a challenge for a young Gothic singer who wants to break into the music business. If you think you fit the profile of the Purr-fect Cat Chaser Conspiracy Gurl, then we want to hear from you. We have 8 video's planned as well as several concerts, so this could be your opportunity. E-mail us if you want to apply for any Cat Chaser position. We will then arrange a meeting at the studio in Niagara Falls NY.

Current Releases
1- A Little Taste of Pussy- More to Cum (live ambient Goth 1999) - $8.00

2- Cat Chaser- 'Bloodlust' 1997-1999 (Cat Chaser classics redone by Moppet with new previously unreleased material. Style- Goth/Punk and ambient Goth) - #13.00

3- WettyGurls Rule- (WettyGurl songs, Discordian/Erisian) 1994-1999 - $13.00

4- Cat Chaser- Classic Pussy! (1988-9, live at The Underground, Morgantown WVa and 1993-5, live at The Dinosaur, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) - $13.00

5- Cat Chaser-Graveyard Gothic The Vampyre Chronicles 1995, Live at the Crypt (Very Dark Heavy Goth) $8.00

6- Cat Chaser (Conspiracy) "Born - 1983, Died -1999, Undead and Risen from the Crypt-2000. Includes all 5 tapes and booklet about the band. Comes in a boxed set made in the shape of a coffin, Collectors edition signed and numbered $35.00. Limited to 130 boxed sets.

For ordering instructions e-mail us at CatChaser.Conspiracy@Hell- All releases scheduled for October 31, 2000.

Disclaimer: Most of this music was recorded live going back to the 1980's. There are a few live glitches due to equipment malfunctions. A good stereo and equalizer can make the music sound great, whereas a cheap cassette deck may reveal the glitches. But we opted to bring you the live sound as it happened.