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PLAYSTATION 2....dont waste ur

The reason there is no Playstation2 section is because.... The console isnt worth my effort!! its basically a hyped up PSX!! a quick way for SONY to make some "$$" Because of the success with PSX SONY knew punters would go for the new model!! The PS2 & PSX are basically the same,just like what SEGA done with the MEGADRIVE (genesis) & the MEGADRIVEII, not much difference at all! So why do i think the 3 other consoles are better? 1: PLAYSTION2 has no where near as much power as XBOX (games such as HALO are simply not possible on PS2!FACT!) 2: PLAYSTATION2 just lacks the simplicity of GAMECUBE! 3: PLAYSTATION2 has no real online basis like DREAMCAST did on release!! (its had PLENTY of time to get one! if sony were serious about PS2 online they should have it by now,theyv had almost 2 years!) THIS IS AN NON-BIAS OPINION CUZ I OWN ALL 4 CONSOLES! and the only reason i own PIECEOFPISS2 is cuz i got it for 50 lol ******UPDATE********* For those of you who are stuck in the past with SONY,PLAYSTATION3 is due for release in 2005 to coincide with the release of XBOX2! (Give up sony youv lost the battle!) So u lot im stupid cuz i think PS2 sucks? well heres an old friend of mine from PSO check out his website he has sum serious problems with the PS2(good man X!) just like me!im not the only 1 that hates SONY so u can all fuck off now cuz PS2 BLOWS!! And while ur viewing X's site & ur american make sure check out the "codes" and help fuck up PS2 online just like we did the Dreamcast! mwahaha!

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