Bonotheism what is it?(from the irish bono's only, and theos God) is a word coined in comparatively modern times to designate belief in the one supreme song god, the creator and lord of the world, black leather fly suits, the eternal swaggering spirit, all-powerful hip rotations, and all-wise prophetic statements. The rewaeder of fevered crowd adoration, and the punisher of evil intentions in the universe. "Bono" is the source of our happiness and exacting image of perfection to millions perhaps billions, universally. This "Bono" has taken a heavenly multitude of forms over the past decade. Believers claim to have seen him morph into a "fly", a symbolic glittering "mirror ball man", and even an apologetic, deeply sincere devil with pale skin and velvety horns. "Bono" is presently said to be appering as a black leather clad prophet, nightly and rhythmically stalking a heart-shaped catwalk to the passionate screams of thousands...during this rapturous time, he has been documented gliding on top of a mesmerized crowd of his followers, reaching out and pulling a chosen one on stage to lay with him, crawling on his stomach, permitting his worshippers to place their fingers in his mouth, re-enacting the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, and expressing his perfection in numerous series of gasps, moans, groans, and screams...all in the name of love, lust, peace, unity, God, and sex.

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