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The NZ Pagan Festival 2004

Waitangi Weekend- Fantastic 6th-8th February... Morrinsville.....
Here are a selection of photos taken from the weekend...To see more check out the March/April Issue of The Pagan Lantern or to see some of the photos online check out Hawkes Bay Witches Yahoo group

It was a fantastic weekend of Rituals, speakers, Janet Farrer and Gavin Bone and Phillip Car-Gomm, The NZPC Trustees, Stalls, Entertainment, The Brazens, Bellidancers, Wild Man Matt (From LOTR) and so much more.....It is a weekend that needs alot of support from the National Pagan Community to make it more and more successful each year, LET'S MAKE NEXT YEAR EVEN BIGGER!


Dressed for Rituals on the Saturday Night- Descent to the Underworld with Gavin Bone
and The Voodoo Ritual with Paula from Dragonspace


To see more check March issue of The Pagan Lantern For details Yahoo Group Hawkes Bay Witches


Could you have a stall at the 2005 Pagan Festival.. Check out Natures Magick- NZPC Site
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