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Q. Do You Believe in God?

A. We believe in a creative force, which is manifested in a God and a Goddess, representing both male and female deities.

Q. What are the main beliefs?

A.The key rule is "Harm Ye None", that is harming no one. This belief is parallel to karmic law, which states that what you send out to the universe will be returned to you. In Wicca, we believe that this return, from either a good or bad thought or action, will come back threefold. Witchcraft is a Pagan path, a pre-christian religion that has been practised for thousands of years, and is earth-based, peace loving spiritual path.

Q. Aren't Witches evil? Isn't that why there were Witch Hunts?

A. It is a shame if someone claiming to be a Witch, or accused of being a Witch, may representwhat we are really about. Witches are not evil. Of course, every cultural or religious group may have a few 'loopies' who are not good ambassadors for their genuine cause.

Q. But you don't look like a Witch.

A. There is a typical witchy look. We are diverse in appearance and dess-style as anyone else. Some like it Gothic, some like it green and earthy, and some you may never pick on the street.

Q. Is Witchcraft anti-Christian or Satanic?

A. Not at all. I know there are alot of myths about Witchcraft, Most are not true. There is nothing Satanic or anti-christian about Witches- Witchcraft was around for thousands of years before Christianity took off. Infact Satan is a character from the New Testament and had no place in the context of our Pagan beliefs

Anymore FAQ email me and I will add them to here.....?Namaste
Taken from Witchcraft Magazine issue #21 June/july 2001 From Article "THERE'S A WITCH IN THERE" By Emely Flak..........

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