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Carthian Territory

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Christmas Tree Point
On the North side of the Twin Peaks is Christmas Tree Point observation area which offers unobstructed views of San Francisco.
Twin Peaks
The Twin Peaks themselves are two hills with an elevation of 904 feet. The only access to the summits is by Twin Peaks Boulevard.
Twin Peaks Tunnel
A 2 mile long subway tunnel that runs beneath Twin Peaks. It was opened in 1918.
Mt. Sutro
Originally named Mt. Parnassus the 909 foot hill that was granted to the UCSF by Adolph Sutro (24th Mayor).
Sutro Tower The Sutro Tower stands on a lower hill between the Twin Peaks and Mt Sutro. It provides radio and television broadcasts to much of San Francisco. The Tower stands 1800 feet above sea level making it the tallest structure in San Francisco. At times it is the only thing visible above the fog.
UCSF Medical Center
The Mt Sutro Parnassus Heights Medical Center is the largest UCSF facility. The 600 bed Parnassus center serves as the main campus and houses the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute, The 180 bed UCSF Children's Hospital, extensive research labs, and the main Dental and Nursing buildings.

Laguna Honda
Laguna Honda Hospital
Midtown Terrace Playground
Twin Peaks Park

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