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Prince Renato Cortez's Territory

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The Blocks
The two block section between Vallejo, Broadway, Sansome, and Battery was used from 1825-47 as a burial ground for non-Catholic foreign seamen.
Coit Tower
Built in 1933 with funds left to the city by the eccentric philanthropist Lillie Hitchcock Coit, the tower rises 210 feet atop the crest of Telegraph Hill. At night, floodlit in an eerie whitish-green glow, it is visible from most parts of the eastern half of the city. The lobby of the tower displays murals painted in the 1930s during a program to keep artists employed during the Great Depression, and the view from the observation platform is the best in this part of the city.
Filbert Street
Filbert Street is considered one of the steepest streets in a major city in the Western Hemisphere (the other one being 22nd, also in San Francisco).
Filbert Street Steps
Now renown as the home of the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill. This section of Filbert Street is a two block section of garden tended by residents.
Julius Castle
At 302-304 Greenwich Street is the impressive Julius Castle which was built between 1923 and 1928. Built by Italian immigrant Julius Roz as a restaurant it maintains that function today.

Telegraph Hill
Victorian House 1254-1256 Montgomery (National Landmark)

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