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Circle of the Crone Territory

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The Sunset District is primarily residential and is built along a grid pattern referred to as "The Avenues". It was one of the last areas of San Francisco to be developed, and most of its homes and buildings date from the 1920s through the 1950s, with the fastest rate of construction occurring during the 1930s and 1940s (although parts of the Inner Sunset were developed beginning in the 1890s). Originally the area was nothing but sand dunes that were called "The Outside Lands".

Church of St. Anne of the Sunset
Located on Judah.
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Founded in 1917 this is the only school of its kind on the West Coast.
Grand View Park
This small hill park is noted for being the last remaining habitat of a variety of local (and endangered) plants. A strict rule of keeping to the path is always enforced.
Ocean Beach
Most of the city's western boundary is defined by a broad sweep of beachfront sand, part of which is attached to Golden Gate Park. Though attractive, the beach is dangerous to swimmers because of its very cold waters and strong undertow, and there is often fog.

Earthquake Refugee Shack (1906)
Engine #22 Firehouse
Golden Gate View Park
McCoppin Square
Shriner's Hospital
Sunset Heights Park
Sunset Resevoir
West Sunset Playground

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