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Carthian Territory

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Ingleside Terrace
Shortly after the 1906 quake Joseph Leonard's Urban Realty Improvement Company purchased the 150 acre Ingleside Race Track and convereted it into an exclusive residential enclave. Buyers agreed to restrictive covenants concerning land use, building design, and tenant race. The area is noted for three items: A 34 foot sundial at it's entrance; Urbano Drive is the exact former race-track; and Joseph Leonard's home where he lived until 1920. In 1957 Judge Cecil F. Poole purchaed the home and became the first non-white property owner in Ingleside Terrace. On June 5, 1958 a cross was burned in his front yard. He and his family remained until 1982. The area is now known as a "family friendly affluent neighborhood".
Park Merced
More than just a neighborhood - it's an apartment complex. Really. One big massive apartment and housing project. Started in 1940 it was halted during the war and brought back to life in the 50's with many families moving there after the Korean War. Recently it was owned by Leona Helmsley (sold in 2000). Those familiar with LA's Park LeBrea will recognize the exact same street layout. The far Western boundry is the official housing for San Francisco State professors. Students make up the majority of the population.
Stonestown Galleria
130 store 2 level mall was built by two brothers who saw the convenient location between Parkside (with its absense of malls) and San Francisco University.

City College of San Francisco
Ocean View Recreation Center
San Francisco State University
Sutro Library

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