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Ordo Dracul Territory

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Anchor Steam Brewery
Built in 1896 and currently owned by washing machine heir Fritz Maytag, the Anchor Brewery is largely responsible for the growth of the microbrewery movement.
AT&T Park
Home to the San Francisco Giants of the National League. Officially renamed AT&T Park on March 1, 2006. It had spent only two years as SBC Park. Replacing Candlestick Park as the baseball teams home field the new ballpark offers slightly warmer temperatures. However, the cold summer fog often creates the need for winter coats in July. Of note: in 2004 the park installed 121 wireless internet access points covering all concourses and seating areas which makes the stadium the largest internet cafe in the world.
Audiffred Building
The waterfront building at the foot of Mission Street was built by Hipolyte d'Audiffred in a Parisian style to remind him of his home in France. It is one of the few buildings to survive the 1906 quake and fire. According to legend, as the fire approached the waterfront, the dynamite crew was about to create a firebreak by blowing up the building. The saloon keeper of the resident Bulkhead offered the crew a hose cart full of wine and two quarts of whiskey each to spare the building.
China Basin and Central Waterfront
Once the port to San Francisco's industrial factories and even cruise ships this area is relatively abandoned due to the de-industrialization of the city. Once the site of the deadliest labor uprising in 1930's the many warehouses are now being converted into cheap housing and offices. The Central Waterfront's Pier 70 is still used as one of the country's largest ship building sites. It is not a safe area to be at night.
Garcia & Maggini Warehouse
The Battle of the Waterfront began on July 3, 1934 when shipping companies supported by San Francisco business interests attempted to break a three-month waterfront strike and reopen the port. Non-union drivers under heavy police guard transported goods from Pier 38 to the Garcia & Maggini Warehouse. Fighting raged for 3 days until 2 strikers were killed. Public outrage created a General Strike which shut San Francisco down from the 16th to the 19th.
OJ Simpson murals
Throughout Potrero Hill is the nations densest remaining collection of OJ Simpson murals. He grew up in the area but has rarely visited since.
Rincon Hill
Rincon at Bryant street is the sight of a fashionable neighborhood in the 1880's, Rincon Hill was the home of William Tecumseh Sherman, William C. Ralston, William Gwin, H.H. Bancroft and others. By the 1880's the hill, already partially leveled, became a working class district. Today it is nearly invisible beneath the Bay Bridge.
The new UCSF campus is being built North of 16th Street in the China Basin.
Vermont Street
The section between 20th and 22nd has many switchbacks similar to Lombard Street.

Concourse Exhibition Center
Folger Coffee Company
Hill Brothers Coffee
Jackson Playground
McKinley Park
Mission Bay Golf Center
Potrero Hill Recreation Center
Powder Blue Water Tower
San Francisco Fashion Center
SOMArts Cultural Center
Willy McCovey Park

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