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Circle of the Crone Territory

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Parkside is the Southern half of the official Sunset District. Originally the area was nothing but sand dunes that were called "The Outside Lands". In 1905 a syndicate led by William Crocker announced it had quietly purchased land from Sutro and was beginning the Parkside Project. The Parkside Realty Company was the main "witness" in the corruption trials of the Mayor and Board of Supervisors starting in 1906. Residents of Parkside were lower income working men and families (mostly of Irish descent). They had to walk in the dark across the sand dunes to reach the street car lines and learned to band together and speak loudly for any changes. The area did not gain significant habitation until WWII. It is regarded by political observers as the most conservative area of the city.

Dragon Lounge
In 2004 Fahey's Traditional Irish Pub was turned into the Dragon Lounge. It is the one place in the midst of the Asian-American majority in that particular area that you can find more American Irish.
San Francisco Zoo (Fleischhacker Zoo)
The first exhibits were built in the 1930s. Monkey Island, Lion House, Elephant House, a sea lion pool, an aviary, and a bear grotto were among the first "bar-less" exhibits in the country. Most of the animals were transferred from Golden Gate Park. Today it houses over 250 species (though it no longer houses elephants).
Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove
Site of the famous Trocadero Inn which closed in 1916. The grove was purchased for it's current use in 1931 and donated to the city. It has been used, since then, as the premier venue for free outdoor concerts. It is the eastern part of Pine Lake Park and Laguna Puerca.
Taraval Street
Taraval Street is a center for Asian Americans, particularly by 19th Ave. Packed closely together are Asian markets, laundrys, and Asian-American food establishements mixed in-between authentic cusine.
Ocean Beach
Most of the city's western boundary is defined by a broad sweep of beachfront sand, part of which is attached to Golden Gate Park. Though attractive, the beach is dangerous to swimmers because of its very cold waters and strong undertow, and there is often fog.

Doggie Diner head (San Francisco Monument)
National Guard Armory
Parkside Square
South Sunset Playground

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