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Invictus Territory

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Consulate Residences
The consular generals residences of Russia, Greece, Egypt, Vietnam, Italy, Indonesia, Norway, and France are in Pacific Heights. Fillmore Street
The heart of Pacific Heights, this is one of the few city streets to have survived the 1906 quake and fire virtually intact, though no one today is certain exactly how it was spared. It is the main commercial thoroughfare, filled with bookshops, expensive restaurants, high fashion boutiques and trendy nightclubs.
Sherman House
Built in 1876, this handsome Italianate mansion was converted into a luxury hotel in 1984. Each room is furnished with antiques from different periods. The place makes a specialty of catering to celebrities and other VIPs who want a discreet alternative to the ostentatious downtown hotels.
Spreckels Mansion
Located at 2080 Washington St this half-block French baroque mansion was commissioned in 1913 by sugarcane magnate Adolph Spreckels.

Allyne Park
Alta Plaza Park
California Pacific Medical Center
Lafayette Park

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