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Invictus Territory

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City Lights Bookstore
Owned by beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti it is best known for it's publication of Allen Ginsbergs Howl & Other Poems which got the owner and manager arrested on an obscenity charge. It received Landmark status in 2001.
The Condor Club
Located directly on the intersection of Columbus and Broadway, the Condor Club is a municipal landmark noted for being the world's first officially recognized strip club.
Lombard Street
While running running from the Embarcadero clear into the Presidio Lombard Street between Hyde and Leavenworth has been declared the World's Crookedest Street.
"The Strip"
A collection of strip clubs, some seedy and others seemingly more refined, cluster around the intersection of Columbus and Broadway, nicknamed "the Strip." All along Columbus Avenue in either direction are cafes, bars and clubs associated with the Beats. Many are equally popular with today's artists, poets and writers.

National Shrine (Vallejo and Columbus)
North Beach Playground
Russian Hill Park
Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral (North of Washington Square)
San Francisco Art Institute
Telegraph Hill Park
Washington Square

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