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? Territory

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Noe Valley
Noe Valley is one of the most coveted residential areas in the past decade due to its' convenient access to 101 Highway and 280 freeway. The charming cafes, locally-owned shoe stores, book shops, health food stores, etc. has drawn a cross-section of residence from artists, techies and urban families. Consisting of two conjoined valleys the area is relatively earthquake safe with many houses sitting on bedrock. The only existing traffic lights are along Dolores street.
Glen Park
The Eastern portion of Glen Park is within this territory. A small neighborhood with a village-like atmosphere. Glen Park is mostly residential with 'mom and pop' stores, saloons, and family restaurants.
St Paul's Church
On the appropriately named Church Street, this was the church used in the movie Sister Act.

Douglass Playground
St Luke Hospital
Walter Haas Playground

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