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Circle of the Crone Territory

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Haight-Ashbury is filled with Victorians and is the home of the most famous corner in hippiedom, Haight & Ashbury. Legendary musical groups such as the Grateful Dead at 112 Lyon Street and singer Janis Joplin's pad on Buena Vista Park have helped make this the center of laid back revolutionaries and illegal drug culture.

Buena Vista Park
Established in 1867 Buena Vista is San Francisco's oldest park. It is on a steep hill which peaks at 589 feet and covers 37 acres. The paths along the west side are lined with gutters built by WPA workers out of broken headstones from the City's Victorian cemeteries at Lone Mountain, which were moved to Colma in 1930s. In a few cases the inscriptions were placed facing up and can be discerned. The park is thick with foilage, trees, and secluded passageways. It is well known for a dangerous night scene.
Duboce Triangle
Duboce Park and several smaller "pocket" parks provide attractive public green spaces, but the Duboce Triangle is most notable for its lushly landscaped sidewalks and well-maintained Victorian flats and apartment buildings.
Fillmore Street
Fillmore Street continues into the Haight-Fillmore neighborhood. This street dominated the psychedelic music scene of the 1960's with acts at the Fillmore Auditorium orchestrated by the great Bill Graham himself to John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom Room.
The Haight's elaborately detailed 19th century Victorian homes became a haven for hippies in the mid-60's due to cheap rent. By the 70's 30% of the properties were condemned. A third of the storefront property remained vacant into the 80's. Through a large gentrification process the area is again the place to be. Drawing business while retaining a liberal and bohemian atmosphere. Due to it's fame, and location between Buena Vista and Golden Gate Parks, the Haight is a draw for homeless and teen runaways.
Haight-Fillmore (Lower Haight)
The only non-independent business in the Lower Haight is a Walgreens on the corner of Haight and Fillmore. Packed with eating and drinking establishments and a communal atmosphere it is described as having a "post-punk, bohemian" feel.
Mint Hill
On a steep rocky cliff overlooking Market and Duboce streets stands the San Francisco United States Mint.

Corona Heights Playground
Engine Company #2
Koshland Park
Park Emergency Hospital
Park View Hotel
Southern Pacific Hospital
St Francis Lutheran Church (local historic status)
St Josephs Hospital (now an apartment National Landmark)
University of California extension center

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