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Circle of the Crone Territory

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Bigger than New York's Central Park, Golden Gate Park has over one million trees, 9 lakes, several fly casting ponds, and a lily pond. It is about 3 miles long and a half mile wide.

Dutch Windmill
Constructed to provide pumping power for Lloyd Lake, Metson Lake, Spreckles Lake, and now Lincoln Park. It was completed in 1902. A few years later a second windmill (South or Murphy Windmill) was constructed. During the 50's both fell into such incredible disrepair, vandalism, and natural destruction they were shut down. For 17 years Mrs. Eleanor Rossi Crabtree strove to have them restored. In 1981 the Golden Gate Park North Dutch Windmill was completed. Mrs. Crabree died five years later.
Japanese Tea Garden
First developed in 1894 Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden is the oldest public Japanese Garden in the U.S. Baron Makoto Hagiwara actually constructed the entirety and his family lived in, and maintained, the garden from 1895 to 1942 when they were evicted and sent to concentration camps. During this time the site was renamed Oriental Tea Garden and fell to vandalism and dissrepair. It was rededicated "Japanese Tea Garden" in 1952 and refurbished. A 9000 lb Lantern of Peace was purchased largely by the contribution of Japanese children was presented in 1953. At the same time the Zen Garden was dedicated.
Conservatory of Flowers
Opened in 1879 it is North America's oldest existing public conservatory and has garnered Local, State, and National Landmark status. It is a living museum of rare and tropical plants.
McLaren Lodge
The Moorish-Gothic style building was designed as the office and residence of the park superintendent and serves as the headquarters for the Parks and Recreation Department. It is named for John McLaren, the second superintendent (1887), whose first decree was that there was to be "no KEEP OFF THE GRASS signs".
Stow Lake
The largest lake on the property Stow Lake was completed in 1893. The original rustic wood bridge remains and it features Strawberry Hill in it's center and Huntington Falls (dedicated in 1984).
Strybing Arboretum & Botanical Gardens
This 55 acre portion of the park includes two Japanese Gardens.
Ocean Beach
Most of the city's western boundary is defined by a broad sweep of beachfront sand, part of which is attached to Golden Gate Park. Though attractive, the beach is dangerous to swimmers because of its very cold waters and strong undertow, and there is often fog.

Anglers Lodge
Beach Chalet
Bronze Buddha
Buddhist Pagoda (tresure tower)
California Academy of Sciences, Steinhart Aquarium, & Morrison Planetarium
Football Stadium & Polo Field
Golden Gate Golf Course
Kezar Stadium & Pavillion
Library of Horticulture & Hall of Flowers
M H de Young museum (Fine Arts)
Model Yacht Club
Pioneer Log Cabin
Senior Citizens Center

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