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Circle of the Crone Territory

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Diamond Heights
Diamond Heights was the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association's first project, intended to use redevelopment powers to use land on the hills in the center of the city to be developed with, rather than against, the topography.
Glen Park
The Western portion of Glen Park is within this territory. A small neighborhood with a village-like atmosphere. Glen Park is mostly residential with 'mom and pop' stores, saloons, and family restaurants.
Mt Davidson
Mount Davidson's elevation is estimated between 927 and 938 feet. It has a 103 foot concrete cross standing at it's peak. During Easter sunrise service, every year, it is illuminated. The first cross was erected in 1923. The land was purchased by the city in 1929. Several more crosses were destroyed and erected until 1933. The Mayor and a committee had the present cross permanently built. On March 25th 1934, one week before Easter, President Franklin D. Roosevelt illuminated it via telegraph for it's dedication ceremony. It remained the center of controversy of church vs. state until .38 acres of land, including the cross, was auctioned in 1997. The high bidder was the Council of Armenian-American Organizations of Northern California who re-dedicated it as a memorial or the 1915 Armenian genocide.
St Francis Wood
St. Francis Woods was developed during the building of the Twin Peaks Tunnel. Residences were lured to this lovely enclave by the promise of a 20-minute commute to downtown while living in a French country style setting and Spanish architecture style homes. The famous Beaux Arts architect John Galen Howard designed the fountain in the plaza at the entry gates.
Westwood Park
An affluent residential neighborhood built as an upperclass neighborhood for downtown merchants.

California Youth Authority's Youth Guidance Center (DH)
George Christopher Playground (DH)
Glen Canyon Park (DH & GP)
Miraloma Park
San Francisco Police Department Academy (DH)
School of the Arts Highschool (DH)
Sunnyside Conservatory
Sunnyside Park

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