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Brood Hunters Territory

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Aquatic Park
The Aquatic Park Historic District is home to the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park which docks 6 major historical vessels and over 100 small craft.
Ghirardelli Square
The entire city block was purchased in 1863 as the headquarters for the chocolate company. The company was sold and the headquarters moved in 1960 which put the land up for sale. William Roth and his mother bought the land in 62 to prevent an apartment building from being erected there. Together with Lawrence Halprin they created the U.S.'s first major adaptive re-use project. It was granted National Historic Landmark status in 1982.
Pier 39
One of the city's most popular tourist attractions, this is a collection of restaurants, bars, shops, food stalls and shops set against a backdrop of spectacular bay views. The hundreds of sea lions that sun themselves on the pier's boat docks delight tourists but annoy boat owners (and they smell just awful).

Ferries to Alcatraz
Musee Mecanique
Ripley's Believe it or Not

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