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Invictus Territory

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Bank of America Center
The 52 story skyscraper is the second tallest building in San Francisco. It was deliberately created to display Bank of America's wealth, power, and importance. Completed in 1969 it was sold to a New York real estate firm in 2005. It is best known for the outside plaza being used as the plaza in The Towering Inferno.
Ferry Building
Constructed in 1903, this building survived the quake and fire of 1906 through the intercession of fireboats. In the 1930s and 40s more than 50 million people passed through here annually, disembarking from the hundreds of local inter-bay ferries and from boats arriving from foreign shores. The site began to deteriorate after the opening of the Bay Bridge, making the ferries all but obsolete, and it is now just a historic landmark.
Montgomery Street
Commonly referred to as "the Wall Street of the West".
Moscone Center
San Francisco's largest convention center, the Moscone Center, is built beneath the Yerba Buena Gardens and is run largely by solar electricity.
South of Market (SoMa)
Since the 1950's this area has been the leather subculture of the gay community and during the late 90s was the center of San Francisco's dot-com boom.
Transamerica Pyramid
Capped with a pointed spire atop its 48 stories, the office tower reaches a height of 835 feet above sea level, making it the tallest and most easily recognizable building in the city. The spire is hollow, and lit from inside: at night it casts a warm yellow glow over the Financial District. Although many residents disliked its design intensely when it opened in 1972, most have come to accept it as part of their skyline. The building houses over 1,500 office workers on what was once known as the Montgomery Block, one of the city's most historically rich and important parcels of land.

Embarcadero Center
Justin Herman Plaza
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Sidney Walton Park
Sony Metreon
Union Square
Yerba Buena Gardens

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