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Seneschal Belle Calhoun's Territory

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Asian Art Museum
Host of one of the most comprehensive collections of Asian art in the world. This museum sits in the former San Francisco City Library building in the Southern half of "Little Saigon" (base of the Tendrloin area).
City Hall
Completed just in time for the 1915 World's Fair, the City Hall was designed by architectural genius Arthur Brown at the height of his career. The Grand Baroque dome was modeled ion St. Peter's in Rome. The building was closed briefly to repair damage inflicted by the 1989 quake, but is now completely renovated.
Tenderloin Area
Known as the seedy home of San Francisco's winos this area, nestled between successful businesses and high priced residential areas has traditionally resisted gentrification. It includes City Hall, the main Library, and Little Saigon as well as methadone clinics and soup kitchens. Much of the cities homeless protests have arisen in this area until recently. The cities main governmental structure has pushed them toward the edges of Market Street.

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Brooks Hall (underground)
Emergency Hospital
Main Public Library
United Nations Plaza

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