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Sheriff Tom Flynn's Territory

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Dragon Gate
Sitting on Grant Avenue at Bush Street this gate was a gift of the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
Golden Dragon Restaurant
Site of the Golden Dragon Massacre where gang warfare caused the deaths of 5 people and 11 others to be wounded in 1977.
Old Saint Mary's Church
With the cornerstone laid in 1853 and the dedication in 1854, Old Saint Mary's Church was the first building erected as a cathedral in California.
Portsmouth Square
One of the few open spaces in Chinatown this square is usually full of chess players and those practicing Tai Chi. A replica of the "Goddess of Democracy" statue used in the Tiananmen Square protest was built and placed here in 1999.
Sam Wo Restaurant
Still one of the most popular restaurants in Chinatown. Known for the "rudest waiter in the world", Edsel Ford Fong, who served the 3rd and 4th floors. Eddie died in 1980 and has been honored with a concession stand named after him at the San Francisco Giant's Stadium.
St. Mary's Park
This park contains a status of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, a memorial to Chinese war veterans, and a variety of stores catering to the tourist trade.

Chinese Culture Center
Clay & Walter U Lum (site of the first public school in California)
Clay Street Center

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