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Carthian Territory

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Apparel City
The majority of this area is considered industrial and warehousing. With the edge housing San Francisco's Community College leading into the more residential Silver Terrace area.
Bayview Hunter's Point
This area is predominantly African American due to the 1940's war industry job migration of Southern African Americans and a legacy of restrictive housing covenants. Many consider Bayview-Hunters Point a marginalized community, with nearly one-third of San Francisco's toxic waste sites with concurrent endemic health issues from those toxins. A 30% unemployment rate along with marginal city services create a volatile social powderkeg.
Candlestick Point Park
The park itself is undervisited, has plenty of benches and working barbecue pits. The Candlestick Park stadium is home to the San Francisco 49'ers. Opened in 1960 "The Stick" is famous for being one of the coldest, windiest, and foggiest stadiums (summer months) in the world. The Beattles performed their last concert there in 1966. On October 17th 1989 during the quake 62,000 people were packed in the stands and sustained no injuries.
The "Big Block Triad" is an alliance of the remaining members of Big Block, the Harbor Road Gang, and BNT. Westmob is currently allied with Oakdale Mob creating the "Westmob Alliance".
Heron's Head Park
Located at the "point" of Hunter's Point this area used to be Pier 98. In 1998 5,000 tons of debris from this industrial strength dumping ground were hauled away. The park now boasts 68 native plant varieties, picnic areas, and hiking paths.
Shipwrights House
Efforts to restore the only surviving 1870 cottage of it's kind in San Francisco will also establish the India Basin Historic Maritime Recreation Center.

Bayview Opera House (1888)
Bayview Park
India Basin Shoreline Park
San Francisco Community College
Silver Terrace Playground
Postal Service General Mail Sorting Facility
Youngblood Coleman Playground

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