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.:Welcoming you to AntiAntiEminem:.

I could thank you for stopping by but I don't really see the point in it. Anywayz, welcome again to my site as you can probably tell it's all about my fave rapper actually he's really the only rapper I listen to ok besides Nelly. Back to what I was saying this is purely my site, and MY layout yes that's right I made it with dreamweaver so don't touch in of it without my permission because I will be pissed :S:

A little a bit of why I chose to do a site about him. This is the first and only fan site I will ever make just for the fact that they do take time to make. I've always liked Eminem since his Slim Shady Lp came out (which I have), but recently like the end of last year have I ever been like obsessed with him, and trust me I am. I have pictures on my wall that almost cover the whole wall, all three of his cd's Slim Shady Lp, Marshall Mathers Lp, The Eminem Show, and the 8 Mile one. Two books about him and so forth. So yeah.

"The Artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work"

Saturday May 20, 2002


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