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Welcome to the Alaska Goths webpage...

Greetings Quasies, Perkies, Mopies, and all the other types of goth that I can't remember. Some of you might remember that there used to be a Alaskan Goth webpage a few years back, but that experiment failed miserably (in the bad way). Still, I liked it while it was around. I also like webpages, so I built this page to hopefully do...something, and get Alaskan Goth Pride back on the National registry (which we aren't on, it's like we don't exist or something). So check it out, rack up the hit counter, and email me to give me suggestions.
oh, and send me pictures of yourself with your name and something about you, cause I'm starting a gallery and it would screw if there's nothing in it.
*update* We got on the Regional Registry at!

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Places to go.
Alaskan Freaks Club at Yahoo!
Shameless Plug: My webpage!
Fashion tips, advice for baby-goths, goth lovin'
The Gallery of Goths (send me your picture!)
Dark, Black, Sooty Message Board