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How to fix an intermittently working Odometer in a 90+ Nissan 300 ZX Twin turbo (Z32).

By Henri Le Hir

This has been done on my 1990, Manual "Continental European" Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo, 2+2 (!!) (left hand drive). All the tests have been done on this car, and the repair has been completely successful. Hopefully, this applies to all the Z32 models all over the world.

First : Description of the problem.



Second : Tools reqired.

Third : Time reqired. Forth : ACTION !

Before you start, please read that document from the first line to the last one.

Remove the bonnet above the gauges cluster

You have to bonnet above the cluster. It's held in place by 2 screws

Remove both control pods on the side of the Gauge Cluster

You have to remove both control pods, the A/C and the "rear-defrost / fog / lamps" one, and the hidden screws holding the cluster.

Get an access to the cluster, disconnect it, and remove it
You have to remove the plastic trim located in front of the cluster, disconnect all the connections (be REAL easy and cautious with them), and remove the cluster

Disassemble the cluster
Ok, you got the cluster out, now it's time to open the Pandora's Box Fix the Odometer Problem
Time now to see what is causing the problem, and to kill the bug.

Re-Assembly's as usual....same reverse order, and it's really easy, just take your time .

Well...I'm I inspected the Odometer...and here's what I found Zee you

Written/Copyright by H. Le Hir / 010626 email