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Iolokus by MustangSally and Rivka T. -- Some works of fanfic carry a weight that is equivalent to or greater than canon in my mind. It's actually a series, which I'm torn about, because the first story is complete and perfect.... The sequels contain some stuff I find a little gratuitous (how Emmett lost his tongue—couldn’t it have been a car accident or something (cause those happen a lot too)?--, the behavior of Scully’s family (not that Mulder’s family fares any better, but then we already know Mulder’s family is fucked up) but they also contain original characters and scenes that I love and this saga is never boring. Equals any slash story I have ever read for… well, everything, but I was going to say good sex scenes.

Wrestling With the Devil by Rachel Lee Arlington -- I like Scully/Krycek stories. It’s not just all about Mulder, y’know. (There’s also a sequel, Trick or Treat, and the rest of Rachel’s writing is also good, even when she does plotless fluff…she’s written MSR and slash too. No website as far as I know but her stuff can be found on Gossamer, under the author's name).

Deny Nothing by Rivka T. -- While I’m on the subject of Scully/Krycek.... My favorite quote from this story (although the opening line sets the tone nicely):

“It wasn't just about sexuality, Tab A and Slot B. It was desire, and the way that desire could be so much hotter, so much tighter than actually getting what you want. While you desire, the one you want is perfect. It is only when desire ends and reality begins that your lover will disappoint you. Scully was desire because she was a layer separating him from Mulder. Scully was desire because with her, he could imagine Mulder's jealousy.

‘If I'm his other side, and you're his other half, what does that make us?’

‘Seriously disturbed,’ she said and looked back down at the computer screen.”

Half A World Away and Cruel and Unusual by Jane St. Clair -- the third in the Scully/Krycek triumvirate. Darker than the first two, but given the pairing that somehow doesn’t bother me.

All the Mulders by Alloway -- A classic science fiction story with an X-Files twist or vice versa, or both.

The Sin Eater by Jane Mortimer -- I think the highest compliment I can give to a story is that it does and includes everything it needs to, and it's always been really interesting

Oklahoma by Amperage and Livengoo -- Lest anyone think I don't like Mulder because I just recommended three Scully/Krycek stories...the ultimate Profiler!Mulder novel.

Deliberation by Sophia Jirafe -- I like Doggett, too, okay? Also check out her first story, Night Touch and her most recent, Alphabetum (it was her most recent when I started this page, okay?) for two diametrically opposed but equally compelling MSR's.

Yellow Balloon by Zyllah -- I had no idea what was going on during season 8 (and from most reports no one else did either, but I mean I really had none because I stopped even attempting to regularly watch the show sometime around, um, season five or six?), but I still loved this story. It's about absences and how Doggett and Scully experience them and I'm trying to come up with something more descriptive to say and it's difficult, but the author's summary is "The ashes of the past blow into the present" and I'll just add to that that the writing grabbed me and has never let go.

Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby by Jennifer-Oksana -- Scully writes Mulder a letter from the other side as part of the the Dead Letter challenge, and this to me was songfic in the truest sense--not simply for successfully using lyrics to enhance the story, but because the story itself feels like a song.

Then of course there's Ghosts, blah blah, In a Dark Time: Sleepless, blah blah blah, and a lot of other slash I want to rec.... (Yes, everyone recs these, so if you haven't read them already--you know how this goes, right?)

Mulder in Interzone by Cody Nelson was the first X-Files slash I ever read, in one of the Frisky zines way back in my pre-computer days--it's Mulder/Langly and it's a Naked Lunch crossover and still totally worth rereading.

The Same Everywhere and The Hand We Were Dealt by Jane Mortimer -- I slightly prefer the first one to the longer sequel, but they're both fabulous--great Mulder and Krycek and would I be wrong if I said this is THE oilien!lust story (and, is that even a subgenre? I don't know, this isn't my fandom)? It's more than that, of course, but

Motel Room 3AM and Coming to This by Kat Allison -- I get these two mixed up with Jane Mortimer's sometimes, even though they're fragments as opposed to the two longer, plottier stories above, but God, why isn't there more Mulder/Krycek like this? I can't help wishing Kat had written that unfinished novel, but at the same time these snapshots perfectly capture a M/K relationship I could read about forever.

Our Mulders, Our Scullys, and Our Kryceks by Punk Maneuverability -- Metafiction.

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