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Spider RooM Studio

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Photos by TwEaK and Olympus digital camera

Front Side
Desk: Akai MPC-2000 (its OS still sucks, Akai folks!), DIY MIDI Patchbay control unit , Mackie 1604, Roland JX-8P w/ PG-800
Desk(not visible): Sony DAT and cassette recorder (not that we would be proud of owning that!) , Kenwood receiver
Low shelf: Event 20/20 biamped monitors, two RNCs below Zip drive , Yamaha TG-33 (with MIDI Patchbay's external module hanging on top) , Grunding reel-to-reel
Mid Shelf: Roland Juno-106 , ol' Aiwa speakers
Top Shelf (not visible): Roland TR-626 , Alesis MMT-8 , Roland TR-707


Right Side
Shelf in the middle: Korg PolySix (on top ; w/ DIY MIDI retrofit and FX input mod), Roland JX-3P w/ PG-300 (with left side removed), several manuals, Keyboard magazines, a reel, and TwEaK's GSM ;)
Table at the right: Roland TR-606 , ETI 2x8 step analog sequencer clone , Korg MS-10 , Korg Trident mk2 (modularized and DIY MIDI retrofitted)

Roland JX-8p w/ PG-800 (on top) ; Alesis MidiVerb4 ; Boss SE-70, Digitech RDS-1900 ; Ibanez DMD2000 ; DIY 4 x 23 Patchbay ; DIY MIDI Patchbay ;
Modules in FracRak: Polyfusion HPF clone (darn thing still won't work), dual LM13700-based AM/ringmod , 7 distortions , PAiA MIDI2CV8

Small cord mess (rack from behind)

(C) 1999-2000 Bojan Burkeljc
Last update: 25th May 2000