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Spider RooM Labs

Analog projects

Project name
 Project Description

Wave Wrapper 1.0
 Overdrive / limiter / wrapper FX

AVR & PIC microcontrollers based projects

Project name
Project Description
uC used

MIDI to Sync24 Converter and more...
New firmware version (2.31)
MIDI to Sync24 Converter and more...
New (verison 1.0)
MIDI to Sync24 Converter with shuffle
(New! Firmware in beta stage, changed circuit)
PIC16F84 or
MIDI Generator
MIDI Note on/off, CC, and Sync Generator
Dual MIDI filter
1 In/2 Out MIDI filter
MIDI Retrofit for Korg Trident
 P6Retro and new P6Retro2
MIDI Retrofit for Korg PolySix
MIDI Screen
MIDI stream monitor with LCD display
8 channel MIDI-to-CV converter

 MIDI Device
Modular MIDI distribution system

For most projects only program code is available online. Source code for any of the projects is available on request, so mail me...

All PCBs are available in Eagle format. Here is also a set of my custom libraries for Eagle.

New to PIC microcontrollers? Want to start coding? Want to make your own PCBs? Check out tutorial pages!
New on tutorial site - PIC programming tips!

Shout outs to people who made a contribution - being aware of it or not - to this site and projects on it.

I am not responsible for any of the damage that might occur at assembling or using projects presented on this page.
I do not sell any devices listed on this page, neither the parts for them, so at making PCBs and programming PICs you are on your own.

Spider Room Labs is a section of Spider RooM Studio situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Official SRS site is also back online.

(C) 1999 Bojan Burkeljc
Last update: 24th August 2002