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Shades of String Theory!

Could a One-Dimensional "String" hold these balls together?

Is the entire universe actually based on strings, representative of 10, 11, 12 dimensions ?

And another universal law...

Computer wizards do not have to be kids !  There has been a common misconception, especially in the IT industry that only youngsters can understand the new technology.

As Scotty expressed on the original Star Trek, "You cannot change the laws of physics!".  Everything still works the same way it always did.  It’s just smaller and faster now.  Any company that misses that point is probably fated to go the way of the dinosaurs.

But PERHAPS you CAN(?) change the laws of physics....!

You are just one CLICK away  from discussing your problems with an expert in the electronics, physics and other technology fields, including Information Systems Solutions.
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Nanotriode Transistors Use Carbon Nanotube Technology
**Noise Tests show carbon nanotubes may be as much as one million times more noisy than classic circuit components**

New 850-E chipset will feature a 533 MHz FSB but will support only PC800 RDRAM

When Bill Gates says that open source programming (What the rest of us think of as ‘free’) is "like a Pac-Man that will consume your business",,, Isn’t he really saying that he is afraid it will eat into Microsoft’s business and possibly hurt their attempt at monopoly?
First Shot in a War between Microsoft and its customers.

CellPhone Brain Damage?
Handsfree Kit Dangerous?

Decades of Experience in the Communications and Computer Industries !

Crush Cans or Coins
P.D.Lab Can Crusher
The Plasma Dynamics Lab
Communications and Computer Consultants
- We Can Help !

Practical Guide to Lasers
HeNe Laser Power Supplies
Cannon Fires Air Doughnuts
Building Your Own Plasma Sphere
Tesla, Forgotten Father of Technology
Maxwell's (Univ.) Field Theory
Scientific American Magazine
Rocketry Online!
Honey Wine; Making Mead
What's new in LASER tech?

Whether the following are TRUE or FALSE, they may give us ideas of ways to expand our technology in strange new directions...
(Alleged) Secret Weapons Technology -Sightings
Electrogravitics List
Gravity devices; H.W.Wallace
HAARP Project and Weird Science

Playback Controls
<p>- You need a recent Internet Explorer (or Netscape) to see this properly and hear the sounds. -</p>
(Music may take a little while to load.)

Scripting in PERL
The Official PERL Language Site
Where can I get a copy of PERL

'As the World Turns' past 'the Edge of Night' and the 'Dark Shadows' fall across 'Sesame Street' you can see 'All My Children' down there!

While you are sleeping, or getting a sandwich, or at work... Your computer can be helping the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence process data. Software to link up your computer IS NOW AVAILABLE for Windows & MAC. Click on the SETI@HOME icon to check out their page.
[I’m running it on one of my computers. It will run in place of a screen-saver, if you want, but it runs a lot slower than if you just let it run in the background all the time.]

(SETI graphics by Gertjan van Roekel)

Have you been reading the fine print? According to Microsoft
Pre-Installed Windows may NOT legally be removed from YOUR computer.

Microsoft's Policy statement: "It is a legal requirement that pre-installed operating systems remain with a machine for the life of the machine."

Science and Technical Links
Electronic Engineering Sites
Electronic Circuits and Projects
Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Page
More Electronic Circuits
Problems with your Phones? Contact a Professional Communications Advisor.
Electronic CAD and circuits
SPICE models
Electronic Document Archive
GhostScript for .PS and .PDF files
Circuit Cookbook Archive
How to Read Capacitor Codes
How to Read Resistor Codes
Where to get Free SPICE
Antenna Design Links
  Ham Radio Activities
  Semiconductor Companies
  28 Pages of Debuggers, assemblers, hex editors, installing software, Etc.
Java Plugin Downloads
Electronic Resource Library

These ARE the 'Droids you seek..!
Hirose and Yoneda Lab
Robotics, FTP (Anon.)
UMass Robotics Lab
Luleå University -Robotics
Cybug Central -Build a Pet
Robot Master Controller
Robots That Look Human
Andrew’s Robot Shop
Cool Robot Of The Week
Carnegie Mellon U. - Robotics
Indiana Univ.’s Robotics Links
Robotics in Japan
Robotics in Germany
Robotics Links -UMass
Web-Controllable Robots
The Ants - MIT A.I. Lab
Robot Information Central
HandiBoard Robot Links
MIR Robot positioning RADAR
MIR for Speech Processing
LEGO Robotics Pages
If Current Trends Continue
DID I SAY you can't change the laws of physics? BUT how do we know what those real laws are? Where is the truth? Is it Classical Physics, General Relativity, Quantum Physics, some combination of these, or something else entirely?
Do we think Quantum Thoughts?
"Exact uncertainty" brought to quantum world
What is String Theory?
Entangled clouds raise hope of teleportation
Emitting a single photon at a time - Quantum Dots
Latest Quantum Thoughts from Ulm

Replacing the brain
What is FUZZY Logic? (+ Links)
Design of Neural Architectures
Evolving Artificial Neural Networks (1999) -Xin Yao
Neural Net Freeware/Shareware
Computational Intelligence
Some Neural Net programming
modeling an artificial neuron

Project Gutenberg -Library Online
One of my poems -Taken from the true history of the Anglo-Scots border wars.
Another of my poems -With respects to Chaucer. Written in his style.
This poem was originally written by my grandfather, Earnest Alton Mickle; redone slightly by my father, who could not remember all the words. I added one line to a stanza where one was obviously missing.

PRICES -Computers, Parts (USA)

Don't Belittle

 What IS NanoTechnology?
 Nano Science at Rice Univ..
 Nano Tubes, "Super-Carbon"?
 Nano Tube Transistors
 Feynman Nanotechnology Prize
 National Nanofabrication Users Network

What’s this about an Atom-Laser?
LASERs and Power Supplies are available for home hobbyists.

Perhaps you may wish to... Visit Microsoft?
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Wholesome Family Entertainment
   Or you may want to Visit the Disney Vault?

     As a small boy I was intrigued by the stars and am pleased that at this stage in my life, I can finally afford to enjoy this pastime, but just as in every hobby, one tends to keep wanting bigger and better toys. I currently have a Meade 10" LX-100 type scope (which has now been replaced by the LX-50), but would like an LX-200 (the one that has the built-in star charts) or an even bigger telescope...
     My current scope is a 2500mm FL (f/10) but with the optional f/6.3 corrector lens, I have the super-wedge tripod and both manual and electric slow-motion controls and setting circles in both axes; keypad hand controller; 2-speed drive controls on both axes*; Electronic Readout for degrees, RA/Dec, and Time; plus elec. focusing and camera attachment. Besides the 9x60 Polar Alignment Scope w/lighted Reticule, I also have a 50mm by 600mm FL with 9mm lighted ret. eyepiece for alignment/guidance as well. I purchased a narrow-band nebular filter (I live in a city) and my eyepieces include a Celestron 45mm PLöSSL (Meade didn’t have one quite like this.), Meade MA25mm, plus 15mm, 9.7mm, 6.4mm Meade Super-PLöSSLs, and a TeleVue 2.5x Barlow Lens
*the only difference I know, between this and the newer LX-50, is the LX­50 has a 4-speed controller.

Here's the best way I can represent the different combinations
of Eyepieces, Barlow, and f/6.3 Corrector, I have:


 2500 mm 
 1575 mm 
 6250 mm 
w/Barlow and
 3940 mm 
45 mm
55 x
35 x
140 x
90 x
MA25 mm

100 x
65 x
250 x
160 x
15 mm
165 x
105 x
415 x
265 x
9.7 mm
260 x
160 x
645 x *
405 x
6.4 mm
390 x
250 x
975 x *
615 x *
* -over the 50-60 times per inch practical magnification "limit"

Click HERE for a NASA WEBSITE JUST FOR KIDS, or HERE  to go visit a nice Astronomy site. You must click your 'back' button to return here. There is also a nice page of text about the state of the universe -written over 1300 years ago.

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