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The Streets of Philadelphia

What might have been?

One of the 112 Kawasaki cars ordered to provide sevice on the subway surface routes is displaying a 56 Erie / Torresdale exposure. SEPTA decided not to order any new cars for the North Philly trolley routes, all of which were suspended. On September 4 2005, remodeled PCCs were placed in service on Route 15 Girard Av. Stretches of track on the 23 and 56 have already been paved over

What was

An ex-Toronto ex Kansas City car is seen here in this 1977 R. Hill shot. The car is at 5th and Allegheny on once, busy route 60. Not only have the trolleys been replaced by articulated buses on route 60, but so many of the manufacturing plants, like the RIS paper co. pictured in the background have closed down. Many good manufacturing jobs have been lost and many, many once vibrant neighbourhoods have suffered greatly. In 1960, 31 PCC cars were used for peak service on the 60. Today 12 buses are required.

What Is

Route 10

Route 11

Route 13

Route 15

Route 34

Route 36

Yeadon - Darby trackage (Ode to 62)

Trackless Trolleys

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