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Paul Carroll's Home In Cyberspace ... And Beyond

After my move from Alabama and the loss of my ISP storage there, this is my new/temporary website.

On June 21st, 2006, I video-taped the P104 petroglyph panel, near Steinaker, in the early morning.  This video shows the shadow moving across that panel, which only occurs during the Summer Solstice.  This video has been sped up about 16x.  So, instead of taking 30 minutes, the event occurs over 2 minutes.
Small Steinaker Video (wmv format, local copy)

Back in 2003, I took my brother-in-law on a trip to Rangely, Colorado, to view the Summer Solstice there, after viewing the Steinaker panel.  It is just barely possible to view both on the same day.  In this case, we went the day after Summer Solstice.  This is close enough to still be able to see the effect.  The shadow bisects the targets only during the Solstice.  The video of the shadow movement has been sped up by a factor of 15x while the rest of the video has been slowed by 2x or 3x. 
Small Rangely Video (wmv format, local copy)

Here are the links for downloading a demo Windows screensaver that has 8 pictures of petroglyphs in Dry Fork Canyon:

800x600 Screensaver Demo (1.8M zip file)
1024x768 Screensaver Demo (2.6M zip file)
1280x1024 Screensaver Demo (3.2M zip file)
Because I am evaluating the software used to create this screensaver, a nag screen will appear before the photos are displayed.
This screensaver should be viewable on Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
To install, download the zip file, unzip it, and then run the executable.
To uninstall the screensaver, use the 'Add or Remove Programs' tool in the Control Box.
As always, do a virus check on any downloaded executable, just to make sure...

Here is a link to Granddad Carroll's life story

Here is an online version of the book I put together: The Pictographs of Ashley and Dry Fork Valleys in Northeastern Utah

Here is the Family Chart for indicating who gives to whom for Christmas:

Carroll/Smith Christmas Giving List

One of the projects I've worked on this last month was to catalogue the DVDs that I have bought or created over the years.  Each DVD (or DVD case) has its own identification number, so I can find the DVD, if I so desire.  It is also just interesting to see what I've got.
My DVD Collection List

One interesting thing I've found is the 'Way Back Machine'.  In effect, some of my previous websites has been preserved.  So, while it might not be 100% complete and accessible, some of it is.  So this is sort of a cheap way to get access to those photos and information. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be complete enough for my original website, which had thousands of photos on it.

The Internet Way Back Machine

My Alabama website (on BellSouth) from mid-2004

The Alabama website has links to a lot of  Mississippian-era mounds in the South and some Civil War-era forts in Louisiana.
One extra feature, which surprisingly still works, is my photo album, which has various photos from Utah and Colorado.
My Alabama Photo Album

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