How Can I Go On?: The Fragment Version
by jesusfreak777

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PLOT: Serena Campbell goes on a journey of self-discovery upon learning and following the word of God. Along the way, she meets new friends, makes new enemies and overcomes several shocking tests of faith.
NEW CHARACTERS:Pastor Bryant, Mr. Fujikawa
LENGTH: unknown

COMMENTS: For the past several years or so, a disturbing new type of Sailor Moon fanfiction has emerged on the Internet which I have come to call the "witnessfic", or what others have called the "worshipfic". In these fanfictions, we have at least one, if not all, of the main Sailor Moon characters is inexplicably a Christian, and at least one other character who is instantly converted into a Christian. We also have battles between the good, Bible-toting, pure Christians and the evil, unrepenting, athiest devils; the good Christians always win due to the power of God, with no grey area whatsoever and to the discredit of every other religion out there. Most of these stories have Queen Beryl as a bad guy, the bosom-heaving Salome figure; others have "evil" senshi who, shock to all, represent Muslim countries, among other things. And the number of these types of stories are slowly - but surely - rising.

So why, in the midst of stories that are surely more complete and perhaps a little more polarizing, would I pick one that no longer even has complete chapters? Well, it is mainly because this was the first one that hit the mainstream fandom's eyes, and it was not a very happy affair. The story itself was/is horribly cliched and reads more like a Christianized after school special. There's the search for God, the teen pregnancy, the Bible quotes, rape, Beryl's bouncy bust and unrealistic happily ever afters. The phantoms of suicide and abortion, of course, rear their ugly heads as well, though it's usually in passing. There's the OOCness and only the dub names to remind us what fandom this is. Then there's the scene where Serena is praying in front of a prom dress...

Unfortunately, though much has been recovered, much of it has also been lost, and the author herself seems to have gotten rid of the story, having attempted to revise it, only to ultimately abandon it. One of her reasons (according to my own conversation with her) is that the story itself got a lot of negativity, and she wasn't planning on putting anything else up until she had improved her writing. Which is a step in the right direction, and I honestly must commend the author for it. If only other writers - in this case, badfic witnessfic writers - could follow her lead and stop for a moment to think of what they're actually writing.

Addendum: A VERY special thanks to Delcat and co. from Godawful Fanfiction, who were imperative in helping to create the most definitive and complete edition of this fanfic. Without their help, a piece of badfic history would have surely been irretrivably lost. I salute you all, GAFF members. *salute*

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