Josh Nacho conducted an interview via email recently with “Spooky” of 

This is how it went down.   Questions are separated by color. 


What made you decide to do a site that was "punk rock porn"?

Well I think that tagline is a bit of an over simplification of what the
site is, but we set out to create a site that featured girls that we thought
were cute: goth girls, emo girls, punk girls, etc. We also wanted to let the
girls be in charge of how they were presented, so we came up with a
different ethos than most adult sites, where the girls either sent in
pictures they took of themselves or where they chose how we should them.
Do you get criticisms from people who say porn is not punk rock?

We actually don¹t get much criticism from the punk community, and they may
be because we try to give the punk and goth communities a chance to use our
site for their own promotion with our calendar and message boards.

In the true nature of punk rock, shouldn't the site be d.i.y. and free as
opposed to having to pay?

Should punk bands never charge for a show? a cd? their band t-shirts? We try
to keep the price low at $9 instead of the usual $30 a month. We're going
the Fugazi route on this one, we're trying to make a little cash and pay the
girls, etc. but we're trying to keep our prices low enough that the average
punk rock 20 year old can afford it.

Suicide Girls is one of the biggest- if not the biggest- sites of its kind
around.  How exactly does one go about getting so many different pictures of
naked girls?

I think we probably are the biggest of the alternative sites, both in number
of pictures, number of models and in terms of other features like boards,
member profiles, etc. We just work at it all day long, constantly promoting
the site, and the girls apply to be on the site at a rate of about 200 a

Is the aspect of having journals helping or hindering the site?  Do you think
most guys really want to read while they're whacking off?

I don't know if it helps or hurts the site from an economic perspective, but
it gives the girls a voice on the site, and that makes us happy. As for
reading, I think some of the female members, who outnumber the male members,
have said that the words get them as hot the photos.

What exactly would make a girl "punk rock" so that she would end up on Suicide
Girls as opposed to a regular porn site?  Is it the tattoos and piercings?
Hair color?

Our policy is that the girls have a unique and original style or look that
means something to them.

What were the last five CDs/tapes/vinyl you bought/stole/obtained somehow?

I don't listen to music anymore.

When does it become enough?  When does Suicide Girls say, "I think we have
enough girls now"?

When we no longer get applications from girls who should be on the site.

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