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     Welcome to the Known World

Few worlds hold as much mystery and intrigue as the Known World. The Known World is the result of six years of playing Dungeons and Dragons, five of them as a Dungeon Master. The world itself is to vast to present in its entirety, but I will update whenever possible to include more of it.

On this website you can find details of every location in minute details, no location is spared, from the rolling farmlands to the soaring metropolis of Freelance.  You can also find new rules for the many (30+) prestige classes in the Known World, many new races and a hoard of new magic items. New NPCs from my past gaming sessions as well as constant updates on my current campaign. You can also discuss current issues in the forum, read great fiction in the Tales section, or even get online and chat with with DMs! The Noble Dead section is also interesting, and don't forget to pay a visit to my Guestbook and leave praise, suggestions, queries or criticism. All Bryce 4 artwork is supplied by Stuart Robinson. Known World titles made by True Peril.
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What's New?

August 4th- Updated the Current Events and Characters section. Also, I'll try and put up a new section dedicated to my somewhat 'unusual' second campaign ASAP.

July 15th- I've thrown a story I wrote last year, The Wound Which Festers, up in the forum. It's a tale of betrayal in the ranks of the Heron Guard, a piece of Myth based fan fiction. Check it out!

June 11th- The Whats New section and Characters sections have both been updated. Demetrius finds out he isn't just a merchant's son- as famous figures and infamous cults seek the young thief out.

The campaign is going along well, with the party now split into three as they rush to discover why a mysterious southerner has kidnapped Mikhala and Letissamus. The What's New section is updated.

April 25th- Updated to include all of the latest happenings from the campaign, including three new PCs and the conclusion of the terrifying Ruins of Dath'Muran adventure.

April 22nd- M'kra'di and Don Astiumus Garibaldi may have been slain, but the epic search of the ruined temple at Dath Muran continues. Mephestopheles' pressure is beginning to unnerve the party. Check all the latest out in the Campaign Bulletin.

April 9th- Updated the Campign Bulletin with new players, characters and all of the latest from the campaign. Expect to post an adventure, Ruins of Dath Muran, as soon as the party completes it.
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