The Promotional Mayhem

"You are not your
motherfuckin' sunglasses!"

The Cast
Keith David - Tyler Durden

Liev Schrieber - The Narrator

Deborah Kara Unger - Marla Singer

Morgan Freeman - Det. (RP) McMurphy

Meatloaf - Bob's Ghost

Special Guest Appearance by
David Bowie
as "Hunter Smythe"

Directed by Darren Aronofsky

Music by Kanye West

Screenplay by Charlie Kaufman

Based on characters created by
Chuck Palahniuk

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Production Announcements

Keith David Signs as Tyler Durden

In a daring and unexpected move, 20th Century Fox announces the lead role for their upcoming sequel "Fight Club 2" goes to veteran actor Keith David. Details were not released, but insiders say the deal could be worth up to 75 million dollars !

Mr. David has said he will not be trying to imitate Brad Pitt's role from the original 1999 film. But will be expanding on it, introducing a more fatherly aspect to play on the Narrators abandonment issues.

Plot Synopsis
The Narrator is out! After serving time in a mental institution for his crimes, the courts deem him sane again. Upon his release, a series of dramatic and somewhat comedic events lead him back into the path of Marla Singer, his estranged lover.
As she tries to keep distance from the Narrator, old familiar patterns start to emerge for him. Namely, his insomnia that triggered his prior troubles. Morgan Freeman as Det. McMurphy is on his case, making sure he steers well clear of Marla and doesn't return to his dementia. After a particularly harrowing night though, Tyler Durden makes his inevitable return. In the form of KEITH DAVID, He proceeds to mock and torment the Narrator, teasing him with what his life would have been with the right guidance. Tyler has his own agenda though. He is wanting to resurrect his Fight Clubs and remind his space monkeys of they're mission....and to reprimand them for abondoning it!

There is a grim moment as the Narrator is coming to grips with Tyler's logic almost accepting his violence and nihilistic ideas. When He is visited by the enigmatic "Hunter Smythe." played to eerie perfection by David Bowie.

Smythe offers the Narrator peace from his madness. If only he accepts giving into the role set for him as a consumer/citizen. Becoming ambitious in the workplace. Marrying and having children.
The Narrator recognizes Smythe as just another fracture of his psyche and rejects him. But in doing so he sees Tyler's proposition as just another extreme and goes to confront him about ending Fight Club.
For the full story watch for Fight Club 2 in the summer of 2007 !!!

Tyler tempts the narrator with a new extension of Fight Club and Project Mayhem, "Free Lust" a brothel set up as a front to allow female members into the destruction of society.

The Narrator confronts Tyler at the climax of the movie!

It does not go well
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