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Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?

Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?

Good morning, sunshine! What are your plans for the day?:

be quite content to go back to sleep.
get up at the crack of dawn, determined to finish everything by lunch!
to fight evil and bring peace to all worlds! Justice! POW!
keep that idiot from hurting himself in a 'quest for justice.'
make the best out of the day, even if nothing really gets done.
'good morning'? don't be silly. sleep is OBVIOUSLY for the weak.

Looks like you're spending the day with your best friend. What are they like?

they're a polar opposite, but a good person to have in a pinch.
they aren't much for giving orders, so you like them well enough.
they're closer than family, you wouldn't lose sight of them for all the world.
someone you trust completely.
someone you trust completely- though not with menial tasks.
someone so close to you the slightest movement away hurts.

Your best friend and you round a corner- only to run into a horde of monsters! Now what?

jump behind your friend for protection.
raise your eyebrows at the enemy's attempt at being covert before laying waste.
swallow back your fear and fight the best you can.
cool! it was getting boring just walking anyway!
rush forward without thinking- per usual.
make sure your best friend's ready for this before fighting.

That didn't go so well, now you're trapped in a corner and outnumbered. Surrendering might be your best option.

you're not about to lose to lackeys! the odds are always on your side!
lash out violently at the nearest enemy. You won't be taken alive.
hiss a reluctant surrender. You need to look out for the greater good of your friends.
drop your weapon.
drop your weapon .. and faint.
lift your chin and declare a dignified defeat. fighting now could be deadly.

Whether you fought or not, the monsters have taken you and your friend captive.

Don't panic, you'll manage out of this somehow.
try vainly to break free and snap threats at your captors.
overcome with worry, hold your tongue and retain your sense of dignity.
struggle occasionally, moreso worried for your friend than yourself.
struggle the entire way, screaming/kicking/biting. you're not about to go unheard!

The head monster is all but pleased to see you. Turns out, it seems to be on close terms with your best friend, who's being freed .. You've been betrayed.

don't understand. You've been friends since you were kids.
scream and curse at the traitor, seething at losing trust.
simply stare, finding that situation all but unbelievable, convinced it's a trick.
expected your unyielding loyalty and trust to be taken advantage of. But never felt so hurt in your life.
gape, glare but keep your mouth snapped shut, blood boiling at that slap in the face.
hope with every fiber in your body that it's only a ruse to break free.

It looks like the only way out of this mess alive is to fight your best friend- who seems to enjoy that plan.

you refuse. you wouldn't hurt someone you care so deeply for.
laugh bitterly and attack your friend. They'll pay for using you.
narrow your eyes and wait for them to just try and attack you.
Unable to look your friend in the eye, chose your weapon and do what you believe is right.
don't understand othe situation until your friend gets a few blows in.
if there's no other choice ..

The fight drags on- maybe someone forgot that you and your best friend are equals. You have only one decision left..

drop your weapon and let your friend decide what's right.
continue to go at the traitor, never relenting- it's what they wanted, isn't it?
scream while you both tire, demanding to know why you were betrayed.
run- the situation is too painful.
run- they'll probably win anyway.
after pleading with them to stop, finally run from the fight. This can't go on.

In the end, you escape with your life, but alone. You're left by the sunset, mind dwelling on the day's events.

you hide your hurt feeling under anger.
you have a long cry, before devoting you energy to getting your friendship back.
you still don't understand, and find it hard to think when your hearts aches.
plot how to defeat that former friend. they're not worth a treacherous life.
you'd rather sleep than think about it.
convince yourself you're better off without them- though you know it's not true at all.


created by jackie.
kingdom hearts ©squaresoft&disney