An Interview with Hatchback

written by seth

During a night of heavy alcohol consumption and socializing at Nicksí bar on Tulane Avenue, I happened to meet up with two of the members of local rock act Hatchback, who when I offered an interview in the near future, demanded one on the spot. So with Tomís trusty pen and Nickísí not-so-trusty beverage napkins, I pulled some not-so-tough questions from the top of my inebriated head.

Me: How long have yall been together as the band Hatchback?
Eric: 2 Ĺ years.
Chuck: They stole me from my old band (the name escapes me). I scream.
Eric: Iím the guitarist.

Me: What is the coolest venue yall have ever played?
Eric: The CBGB in New York! Guess how many people were there?
Me: Dunno, 500?
Chuck: SIX!
Eric: We sold 4 tapes. That was the best.
Me: How did yall get the show at the CBGB?
Eric: Well, we had a show elsewhere in NY but it cancelled, so I took the chance and called them, and they said, "Yea, you can play here. Sure, why not?"

Me: What do you think of that Amaretto and Pineapple you're drinking?
Chuck: Vomit.

Me: Iíve heard yallís sound described to be similar the sounds of the ever-so-popular Emo bands, however much I hate that word. So I will allow you to describe yourselves otherwise.
Eric: Neo-system rock.
Chuck: Yea, Neo-system rock.
Eric: Yea.

Me: When and where is yallís next gig?
Chuck: June 22nd with Page 99 @ Dixie Tavern
Eric: Print this: Melanie is hated.
Me: Whoís Melanie?
Eric: Chuckís girlfriend. (It is also noted that Eric also hates Katrina, the girl standing right next to him at the time.)

Me: How was the festival on the west bank that yall played recently?
Eric: Well, my guitar broke during the first song so we finished the song without it. No one would lend us a guitar cause everyone was an asshole. But whatever, we had a lot of fun.

Me: Do you think youíve made a positive impact on the local New Orleans rock scene?
Eric: This one girl came up to me and said that we were the only band that didnít suck (or something like that, man I was stupid drunk) so yea, I would say so.
Me: So, one person at a time?
Chuck: Yes, definitely, one person at a time. We are trying and succeeding.

Me: What was the best show yall have ever played?
Chuck: In Chalmette one Halloween!
Eric: We got shut off within the first 30 seconds of the first song, we got a flat tire when we left and didnít have a jack. We went and knocked on someoneís door that had a BRAND NEW CAR and they claimed that they did not have a jack. They were lying assholes. Then later on, Taco Bell fucked up our order. So yea, that was our best show.

Me: Are you all serious about Hatchback? Are yall looking to getting signed and "making it"?
Chuck: Sure, why not? Iíd be happy with that.
Eric: Itís either I make a career out of this, or I make a living as an alcoholic.
Me: Will the music career interfere with the alcoholism?
Eric: Absolutely not. Alcoholism stays either way.

Me: Are thrift stores the next mall?
Eric: No! Hatchback is the next mall!

Me: (Eric has disappeared into the bar to say his goodbyes so I ask this question to Chuck.) What was the most recent CD that made you freak out and changed your life?
Chuck: Page 99 - Document #5. Those are the guys were playing with on the 22nd. Theyíre from Richmond, VA. Theyíre amazing.
Me: Well, thank you for the interview time, guys. I wish I was a bit more prepared, but I think it was better this way. Buhbye.

Don't forget to visit Hatchback's Official Website.

written by seth
copyright coffeeam 2001