Current projects: Aurora Wing
On hold: Legend of Nennia
Complete projects: RM2K Jetbike, RM2K Minesweeper, Atomic Smash, Alex Quest
This section is for everything I've done on RM2K. One note: everything here is "dehydrated" (just add RPG_RT.exe!).
All RM2K projects require the English RTP 1.0, I believe.

Aurora Wing Chapter 2 Demo Aurora Wing is my current project, a strategy (tactics, sim, whatever you call it) RPG.
The chapter 2 demo can be downloaded here if I'm lucky and the bandwidth doesn't run out. Some screenshots.

RM2K Chrono Trigger Jetbike Special
My fun racing minigame for RM2K. Come on, it's only 10 KB.
Comment: I still play this. It's great. =D

Atomic Smash is my non-tile-based action RPG made with RM2K. Careful, it can get laggy, especially on older computers. (~340 KB)
Comment: This wasn't really a serious project. Try it for a lark if you have a super computer, maybe...

Minesweeper Minigame
Check out the Minesweeper minigame that won first place in Don Miguel's contest! (90 KB)
Comment: I don't play this much (why should I, when I can play real Minesweeper?)

Alex Quest
A parody I threw together one day when I was bored. It's not worth much, but it'll give a few laughs. Plus it's small. (70 KB)
Comment: Worth playing once, after that delete it.

If you're not a regular RM2K user... right, you probably can't get the RTP right now. Hmm. I'll think about that later.
Legend of Nennia v0.2
Note: Currently on hiatus due to my current RM2K project. Sim RPG Maker is enough of a pain that I doubt I'll pick this up again.
You'll need SRPGEXEC to play the game. Just put the executable in the main game directory. Sorry, I forgot to include it in the main game file this time.
Legend of Nennia Screenshots
This is self-explanatory.

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