Chick Tracts

Christianity is about love and kindness... that is unless you subscribe to the radicalist views of these hot little numbers. The staff of this site is partisipating in an on-going project to find something that Jack Chick does NOT hate. We will keep you informed. For more information about Jack Chicks propoganda crap, visit this site
As for the tracts, they are basically really small comics. I hope to host the amazing Mystery Science Theatre Presents: Dark Dungeons here, but in the mean time I will be (slowly) posting several key tracts, along with helpful comments added my my friend and I. Please note that I don't believe anything in the actualy tracts, however I do believe the comments!

That Crazy Guy Here is one about how safe sex is evil, and AIDS is gods way of punishing people who practice pre-marital sex. A barrel of laughs!

The Trick This explains how Halloween is evil. Appearently is was created by Satanists to put razor blades in candy in order to sacrafice children to Satan. That Jack sure is an upbeat fellow!