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LinuxWorld San Francisco 2002 TravelLog

    I've decided to revive my travel logging.  For those of you that are familiar with my prior journals, some of which are still alive at my Old Site, I hope you find these equally entertaining.  Provided, of course, you found the old ones entertaining in the first place.
    For those of you new to my madness, this is basically a blog started before there was the idea of blogging.  Thrill at my marginal skillz in HTML coding!

    Now even more better - I'm going to add photos.  Or it could be worse I suppose......

    New and old viewers alike may want to review some definitions I've generated for specific words and phrases in my writings.  I will likely have to pen a few more before this is all through, especially now that "terror has won".

    Potential offensive content - but only mildly offensive.  Be sure to see my disclaimer.

    This trip (and companion TravelLog) find me heading to sunny San Francisco for the 2002 Summer LinuxWorld Show.  It runs from Monday to Thursday, with classes and exhibits and such relating to Linux.  I was lucky that work came up with the cash for me to attend this event - I hope it's not the last time I can do so (it's much nicer than the companion event in NYC and ends up costing about the same)
    I've been to SFO many times, mostly for work, but twice on pleasure (three times if you count landing at SFO and driving to and flying out of Oakland).  Once I drove up here from L.A. in a convertible (no shirt + a seat belt for 11 hours in the sun = one wacky looking sunburn).  I recall stopping for gas in Big Sur and I was wearing a "Sagamore Hills, Ohio" T-shirt - and the guy pumping the gas was from Sagamore Hills.  Too weird.
    Why am I here so early this time 'round?  Because the plane fair was like $1200.00 less for the Saturday night stay!  I do not mind as it gives me a chance to get used to being on West Coast time.

    I will be trying to update nightly as time and inspiration permits.  Tell your friends!

So - on with the Fun!

Day One - Gramma and the Big Bag of Snax -or- 4 Hours Sitting on My Balls

Day Two - Free Time On the Town -or- Rubbing Elbows with the Huddled, Unwashed Masses on Public Transportation

Day Three - First Day of the Show.  Not much fun.

Day Four - Day Two of the Show - the patry's on H-P
Bonus Page!!! - Conference Classroom Session Guidelines
Day Five - Show Day Number Three - show doldrums and IBMs turn to pay

Day Six - You don't have to go home - but you can't stay here

Day Seven - The Trip Home - can it possibly be this much fun?? -or- Fun while stranded by Continental Airlines
(well, updated) Day Seven Part Two - I answered my own question - it can be this much fun.

As always, I'd love to hear from you.  It gets lonely on the dusty trail.
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