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Old Chemistry 12 Provincial Exams

The newer exams and answer keys are available directly from the Ministry of Education's Website. Click here to go there.

Click on the aqua coloured link in the chart below to get either the exam or the answer key.

NOTE: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. You can download it from here .
If you are having difficulty seeing the document with Acrobat reader, do the following:
1. Exit the browser and load up Adobe Acrobat Reader.
2. Click on File - Preferences - General
3. Make sure the box entitled web browser integration is turned OFF.
4. Open up browser again and go to site. You may be asked to either save the file or open it up. If you open from this location, the page will be visible. If you save the file, you can open with Acrobat Reader at a later time.

Year Month Test Key
1994 January Test Key
1994 June Test Key (french only)
1995 January Test Key
1995 April Test Key
1995 June Test Key
1995 August Test Key
1996 January Test Key
1996 April Test Key
1996 June Test Key
1996 August Test Key
1997 January Test Key
1997 April Test Key
1997 June Test Key
1997 August Test Key
1998 January Test Key
1998 April Test Key
1998 June Test Key
1998 August Test Key
1999 January Test Key
1999 April Test Key
1999 June Test Key
1999 August Test Key
2000 January Test Key
2000 April Test Key
2000 June Test Key
2000 August Test Key
2001 January Test Key
2001 April Test Key
2001 June Test Key
2001 August Test Key
2002 January Test Key
2002 April Test Key
2002 June Test Key
2002 August Test Key
2003 January Test Key
2003 April Test Key
2003 June Test Key
2003 August Test Key
2004 January Test Key

All of the exams and answer keys are available from your teacher for use in class. Please do NOT download and print from school labs.